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A zero-tolerance policy applies at our events. Safety is of the utmost importance and these rules and regulations are in place to make sure all competitors and staff stay safe. Below is our safety briefing that will be given prior to each event. This is subject to change and all competitors must participate in an on-site briefing prior to their participation in the event.


- No green or black tip (armor piercing), tracers, or steel core ammo will be allowed on the course.

- Competitors will be checked prior to the start of the race, as well as, at each stage.

- Pistols must be kept in a hard retention style holster. Soft/cloth holsters are not permitted.

- Rifles must always be clear while on the trail course. Only when instructed by a RO can a rifle be loaded.

- Your rifle will be inspected upon entry into every stage. If a round is chambered, you will be disqualified from the match.

- You may not have a mag in your rifle at any time other than while shooting at a stage.

- Once a stage is complete the RO will ask you to show clear.

- Pistols may be in condition 1 (a round chambered and holstered) after the first shooting station. It will only be drawn when instructed by a RO.

- If your pistol is un-holstered or is knocked out of your holster while on the course you will be disqualified from the match.

- No Full Auto

- Caliber restrictions: 9mm to 45cal; .223 - .308

- Pistol Caliber Carbine (PCC) Rifles will not be allowed to replace a competitor's 'pistol'

•PCC can be used for the rifle portion of the event should you choose​

-Any Negligent Discharge (ND), Accidental Discharge (AD), or flagging of any competitor or RO will result in a match disqualification.

-Range Officers and Range Safety Officers have the final word, any arguing with the RO/RSO and the competitor will be disqualified and told to immediately leave.

-Safety is paramount.

-Each competitor is assigned a unique start time to enter the course.

-Re-supplying once on the course is not permitted.

-Competitors will encounter several stages to shoot at throughout the course. These stages may be rifle only, pistol only, or a combination of the two.

-Competitors have a set time limit that will be briefed to them at the shooting stage. If the competitor fails to complete a stage within the time allotted, they will receive a Did Not Complete (DNC).

-Each stage has a unique layout including varying numbers of targets and distances to the targets. Competitors must be able to adapt to the stage, target size, and distance on their own in order to complete the stages.

-Competitors will be put in unique situations and positions that will stress the value of accuracy under pressure in engaging targets, often with certain targets on stages that stress placing hits in the “lethal zones” thus saving time & ammunition, your RO will call out KILL if your first round strikes in the "lethal zone" on those targets. 

-Most stages require movement, or transitions from one position/weapon to another, this puts competitors outside the normal shooting positions. Competitors and Range Officers (ROs) will ensure that shooters are moving with the safety on, finger off the trigger, and muzzle down range. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. 

-While on the trail movement of the course, rifles will not be loaded or have a mag inserted. Pistols are allowed to be in condition 1 (or loaded) after the first shooting stage while holstered. Competitors will be checked at the start/finish along with the entry/exit of every stage. Failure to follow this (or competition specific rules/regulations) will result in immediate disqualification.

Our 3 Competitor Classes

  • Competitors will be able to choose from 3 classes, and remain in that class for the duration of the event. All competitors will start the course in their chosen class and will compete against others in that class:

  • Light "Light fighter" = Rifle/Pistol (hard type holster required), 3 Mags for each, water source, eye/ear pro

lite fighter class.jpg
  • Medium "Tactical" = All the above listed in the Light Fighter Class, Additionally, body armor including front and back ballistic plates

tactical class.jpg
  • Heavy "Grunt" = All the above in Light Fighter and Tactical Class, including rucksack with 35lb dry weight (Body Armor, weapons, ammunition, kit, water IS NOT CONSIDERED WEIGHT for Rucksack, ruck must be 35 lbs of additional weight). Rucksacks will be grounded prior to the start of the shooting stages. Check stations are along the course in order to reverify your rucksack weight, if the ruck is not in compliance, you are relegated to the tactical class.

grunt class.jpg
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