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Started by a group of Military Veterans and Run & Gun Enthusiasts, Third Coast Tactical Events are designed as a  2-gun biathlon, a highly competitive shooting event, often referred to as Run and Gun events in the competitive shooting world.
Competitors carry a rifle and pistol, hiking an unknown distance, to predetermined courses of fire ranging in distance. Upon arrival at the shooting stage, the competitor's trail time pauses, they will be briefed on the course of fire for that station. Competitors have a set time limit that will be briefed to them at the shooting stage. If the competitor fails to complete a stage within the time allotted, they will receive a Did Not Complete (DNC). Once their shooting stage is complete and they have been verified clear on their rifle, their trail time resumes and the competitor is on the clock to get to the next shooting stage.
Each stage has a unique layout including varying numbers of targets and distances to the targets. Competitors must be able to adapt to the stage, target size, and distance on their own in order to complete the stages. Most stages require movement, or transitions from one position/weapon to another, this puts competitors outside the normal shooting positions.
TCT Events provide an excellent opportunity to put your endurance, kit, weapons, and shooting abilities to the test.

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