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Endless Summer Run & Gun
Endless Summer Run & Gun
Aug 24, 2024, 7:00 AM CDT
The Double Duece Range

Our 3 Competitor Classes

  • Competitors will be able to choose from 3 classes, and remain in that class for the duration of the event. All competitors will start the course in their chosen class and will compete against others in that class:

  • Light "Light fighter" = Rifle/Pistol (hard type holster required), 3 Mags for each, water source, eye/ear pro

lite fighter class.jpg
  • Medium "Tactical" = All the above listed in the Light Fighter Class, Additionally, body armor including front and back ballistic plates

tactical class.jpg
  • Heavy "Grunt" = All the above in Light Fighter and Tactical Class, including rucksack with 35lb dry weight (Body Armor, weapons, ammunition, kit, water IS NOT CONSIDERED WEIGHT for Rucksack, ruck must be 35 lbs of additional weight). Rucksacks will be grounded prior to the start of the shooting stages. Check stations are along the course in order to reverify your rucksack weight, if the ruck is not in compliance, you are relegated to the tactical class.

grunt class.jpg
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